2023 Workshops

Chris is the resident Certified Ross Instructor® at the Bob Ross Experience at Minnetrista.

#ROSSology: Think Like A Tree

I’ve carried the Bobisms throughout my life. Many are catalysts of inspiration, while also a sense of stabilization when life gets crazy.

Certified Bob Ross Instructor®

Learning from Bob Ross as a mentor, now my goal is continuing his legacy.

Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique®

Creating landscapes trained in the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique®.

The Bob Ross Experience

Offering workshops as the resident Certified Ross Instructor® at the Bob Ross Experience.

Watch The Bob Ross Experience produced by WIPB-TV

Learn more about Chris and his friendship with Bob Ross! And be sure to visit the Bob Ross Experience at Minnetrista.

Watch The Joy of Painting® Season 24, Episode 10

In this episode from 1991, Bob says “Chris has one heck of a painting future ahead of him.”

Listen To A Happy Little Podcast, Episode 9

Chris joins podcast host Ron Scalzo to share his story with Bob Ross and as a Certified Ross Instructor®.

Watch Chris on WRTV, the ABC Affiliate in Indianapolis

Chris joined WRTV’s Ray Steele in the WRTV studios.

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