The latest news on Chris Taylor, Bob Ross® and blog posts from Chris’s happy little world.

#ROSSology: Happy Little Tears

As the Friday night class started, I met Jayden. The little man in his black-rimmed glasses had a smile that would grab any room.

2023 Workshops

Chris is the resident Certified Ross Instructor® at the Bob Ross Experience at Minnetrista.

#ROSSology: Think Like A Tree

I’ve carried the Bobisms throughout my life. Many are catalysts of inspiration, while also a sense of stabilization when life gets crazy.


A blog series about Bob Ross, the Bob Ross Experience and one man’s enduring legacy.

Light Up DWNTWN Sale Dec. 1

Spread the Christmas cheer with galleries, restaurants, retailers, and neighbors throughout DWNTWN during December’s First Thursday.

Happy Little Fest Oct. 29

Ball State PBS—which brought Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting to the world for many years—will be celebrating the 80th birthday of the beloved painter and instructor.

Studio & Gallery Open

I’m excited to share with the world my own happy little studio and gallery in Downtown Muncie officially opened in July 2022.

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